Osmo Oils, Stains and Maintenance

Osmo offers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. The products are based on rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, whilst preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. The wood is allowed to breathe which means it is naturally protected, moisture can evaporate whilst the surface is very water resistant, water tightly beads on the surface which can be simply be wiped off.

Wide variety of wood floor stains and tints

The natural treatment of wood is not only for protection, but from an aesthetic point of view, it’s essential. Osmo offer a wide variety of interior and exterior products, it is possible to create an almost infinite variation of naturally occurring shades or bright, vivid colors. If you want to enhance the grain showing a gorgeous, natural colour tone or whether you prefer to keep the natural, raw appearance of the wood – or just looking for a comfortable, durable surface that adapts to the demands of life, Osmo has the product just for you!

The best oils on the market

At Rj Flooring we use Osmo products to finish some of our wooden floors, they are know for being the best oils on the market, produced by experts and specialists in producing flooring oils that give a rich depth of colour and are very hard wearing, easy to maintain and repair, making them our ‘go to’ supplier. We are suppliers of Osmo oils and offer Osmo’s full range of polyx oils and tints and also stock all of Osmo’s cleaning and maintenance products, so we can also provide you with everything you need to keep your floor looking great!

**The images below are example of stain colour / finish from the supplier and are not indicative of the quality of the wood that we use.


3011 glossy

3032 Satin matt

3040 White


3062 matt

3065 Semi matt

3067 Light Grey

3071 Honey

3072 Amber

3073 Terra

3074 Graphite

3075 Black

3101 Clear

3102 Steamed Beech

3103 Light Oak

3111 White

3118 Granite Grey

3119 Silk Grey

3123 Pine

3136 Birch

3137 Cherry

3138 Mahogany

3143 Cognac

3161 Ebony

3164 Oak

3166 Walnut

3168 Oak Antique

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